Fancast for Friday Fun: Macross

A random joke in an article put me in the mood for a fun Friday game. I know it’s been done to death, but I haven’t seen a recent fancast of Robotech Macross that employs actors who’ve come to prominence in the last few years. Have at one of the best as-yet unadapted space operas!

Besides seeing new actors, it’d also be interesting to see race-blind and gender-blind suggestions where appropriate, which has thankfully become more accepted and even actively encouraged in the past few years.
This is also interesting because the characters of Macross are supposed to be from around the world. Is that laudable fact damaged if an African-American is cast as the (ostensibly) Russian Captain Gloval, or is it a blow for diversity?


- The original comment suggested Chris Pine as Roy Fokker, and that’s actually pretty good. But type-casting aside, I think Katee Sackhoff would be a lot better as Rorie, Renee, or Roi Fokker.

- I’m not sure Captain Gloval could be better cast than Morgan Freeman, though at almost 80, he might be aging out of even that role.


- Lisa Hayes needs to be competent and cool, but not unflappable. Ultimately tender and caring, but with real steel evident. I nominate Rose Byrne.


- Exedore really has one option to my mind: Dinklage. In X-Men, he proved that he can do driven and rigid, and you know he’ll deliver the driest of commentary to his commander.
Even if the character were taller than Breetai, I’d want them to fix that with CGI so he could play this role.


- For a villain, Breetai has a lot to offer a good actor. All that’s coming to mind are cliches, though. Like Willem Dafoe. Though I wonder if Matt Smith could pull off the menacing gravitas consistently enough.


- I’m not up on the teen pop scene, but surely there’s a pretty songstress with enough guileless charm to pull off Minmei. Could be a star-making role for the right person.

- And, of course, Rick Hunter. That one’s got me a bit stumped.

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